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Solana Beach Little League Parental Code of Conduct

As the parent or legal guardian of the child playing Solana Beach Little League (SBLL), I hereby consent to abide by all rules, guidelines and policies established by the Team, League, (SBLL) and District (31) of which my child may be a participant. Additionally, I will, to the best of my ability, ensure that all members of my family, my friends and relatives who may be directly or indirectly participating in Team, League or District activities will also abide by all rules and policies established. Solana Beach Little League is a recreational program.  Equal emphasis will be placed on sportsmanship, teamwork, learning, fun and competition.  Parents, coaches and volunteers need to respond to all players, regardless of ability, in a positive and calm manner.  Many children drop out of recreational youth sport programs because of parents, coaches and volunteers who place too much emphasis on competition and who are less than patient with players who are not at the top of the game. Parents, coaches, and volunteers should always show encouragement and good sportsmanship towards one another.  Derogatory remarks directed at players, managers/coaches, parents, family members or umpires: WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

I understand that I may be asked to leave the premises of a team activity if, in the judgment of a coach, umpire, or League Board Member, my behavior is deemed to be; inconsistent with the goals and philosophies of the League; is not in the best interest of the children, parents, spectators, etc. who may be participating in the League activity; or if my behavior is abusive, degrading, or could cause harm or injury to people around me. I further agree to the following: 

  • I will not criticize, belittle or question the ability or authority of any official, coach or volunteer of the Team or League.

  • I will in no way criticize, demean belittle, mock, taunt or attempt to communicate with the UMPIRE before, during or after a game. However I may offer genuine praise and thanks for an umpire's performance as would be expected in and recognized as a showing of good sportsmanship.

  • I will control my emotions during games. I will not yell at or criticize other players, coaches, parents, or officials of the Team or League.

  • I will not use foul language.

  • I will not smoke or use tobacco products or partake of alcoholic beverages while on the premises of a Team or League activity.

 Coach/Parent Relationship:
I will not pressure the coach to…

  • Play my child at a certain position

  • Play my child more than is required by the "Mandatory Play Rule"

  • Alter his/her coaching style, technique or philosophy

  • Question an umpire's judgment or overall officiating ability

 I will…

  • Support the decision of my child's coach to play my child at any position the coach sees fit

  • Ensure that my child is on time for all games, practices and activities

  • Attempt to control any negative behavior by my child as pointed out by his/her coach or League Official

  • Encourage my child to play an position his/her coach recommends he/she play

  • Try to volunteer my time whenever possible

  • Understand that all coaches are volunteers who devote a tremendous amount of time and energy to Little League

  • All grievances, problems, questions, etc. will be discussed with a Team or League official OUTSIDE of the presence of children or preferably accomplished off the premises in a personal meeting or telephone conversation

  • I will respect the umpires and not attempt to communicate with them before, during or after games. If I have questions regarding a ruling or call I will speak to the coach after the game. 

  • I understand that all League games, practices and activities function under a RECREATIONAL philosophy, stressing sport as a FUN, HEALTHY activity to be participated in for enjoyment and not for competitive advantage or personal achievement

 As the parent or legal guardian of the child playing Solana Beach Little League, I understand the above Code of Conduct and will abide by it. I am aware that if I am unable to refrain from any of the unacceptable behavior detailed in this document that I may be asked by the umpire or coach to leave my child's game or practice. Repeated incidents may result in my being banned from attending any League Activities.