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General Info


Registration for Spring 2024 is now open! Please access our new website here: https://leagues.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=1463423


You will have to create a new account on the site. The new registration system is coordinated with both Little League of America and current California state laws in terms of compliance. Prior to this registration system, we would be collecting the waivers, etc at the start of the season. We can now get this completed at the time of registration. We thank you for completing your waivers and coaching certifications at the time of registration. 


Please review the registration instructions that will be emailed to you once you create your new account.


We will reassign this domain name to the new site by the end of November. We are currently transitioning information from this site to the new one. Thanks for your patience as we continue to add content to the new site.


The Early Bird discount will end at midnight on Friday, December 1st. Please complete your registration before then to take advantage of the savings. 


Mandatory league assessments for players going to into the AA division and higher will begin in the latter part of January 2024. Team drafts for the AA division and higher will begin after assessments and practices will begin in February. Opening Day will be March 2nd!


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Field Status
CDC - Solana Beach OPEN (11/28) 
Skyline (Main Field) - Solana OPEN (11/28) 
Skyline (SE corner) - Solana OPEN (11/28) 
Solana Ranch Elementary - San OPEN (11/28) 
Solana Vista (AAA) - Solana Beach OPEN (11/28) 
Solana Vista (Majors) - Solana Beach OPEN (11/28) 
Solana Vista (TBall) - Solana Beach OPEN (11/28) 
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Solana Beach Little League wants every child in our community to have a chance to play Little League baseball. The league offers full and partial scholarships to families who need them.  For information on scholarships please contact the registrar at:


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