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Here are answers to some common registration questions:

How do I know if I am eligible to register for SBLL?
Please click the link on the left of our home page to be directed to the Little League address determination page. You will need to click the baseball option and enter your address. In the case that you live outside the boundary but attend a school that is physically located in our boundary (you can check by entering the school address on the same little league page), you will be good to go. Just a note that Solana Santa Fe and Solana Pacific (even though they are in the Solana Beach School District) are physically located outside our boundary and therefore located in the RSFLL boundary. 

How does the practice schedule work?

We again anticipate having 40+ teams playing baseball this season. As you can imagine, reserving times/locations/dates is very tricky.  Ultimately a good portion of our managers do not get their desired practice times either. 

We draft teams in the AA divisions and higher to best create balanced teams. 

Due to the complexity of coordinating fields, having drafted teams, and the uniform costs, we do not accommodate requests to switch teams. There will be no refunds issued  if the practice schedule does not work out. Most coaches can give you ideas on how to grow your player's skill independently if you can't make all of the practices. And there is a great chance your child can make the games.  However, team practices become more important the higher the level of competition. 

When are the games?

There are games on Saturdays for all divisions. A Gold adds a week-day game (not on Fridays) at the halfway point of the season. AA and above begin with two games per week with the weekday game not falling on a Friday. T-ball and A Silver play only one game per week on Saturday. 

How do I know which division to register my child?

You will find a write up for each division on the registration page highlighting how that division works and typical ages for that division. 

For the upper divisions, please register according to the suggested age groups. Please reference the next question regarding the division placement and the draft.

What is the draft and it's role with the upper divisions?

The draft is an essential part of creating parity within the upper divisions only (AA and higher).  Each player will be drafted by the team manager using the end-of-last-season's evaluations and the current assessment scores (to be conducted in January). Unfortunately we can no longer honor the coach and teammate requests that work well in the younger divisions. Our managers will try to bring in kids from similar schools if it works for the team during the draft. 

Since the managers have complete autonomy with the draft, they can draft anyone in the player pool. A player could be pulled up from AAA to Majors (this does not happen often, but just wanted you to be aware). Therefore, please answer the question at the end of the registration sheet regarding the option to play up. 

Conversely, there may be the occurrence of Majors pool players (designated by registering in Majors) that could be moved down into the AAA draft. We want to make you aware that registering in a specific upper division (AA and above) does not automatically place your child in that division. The draft helps identify which appropriate division will best lead to that player's success and enjoyment. 


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